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omg SOOOO adorable :) i just had to post this...

"i love you!"
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Just a quick note: I'll be home on Thursday evening. Okay, back to writing my final paper (annotated bibliography) for Spanish.

Or not. I don't know why I'm so distracted- probably because I have a really difficult time writing in Spanish when I'm thinking in English, and the article I'm summarizing is written in English. I think I'm really starting to understand the idea of duality that we talked about in Spanish 5 last year, about how bilingual people sort of have two worlds in their head- one in each language- instead of one completely integrated mind that works in both languages. Don't get me wrong, I can go back and forth between the two, and I can talk about the other in the opposite language, I just need to function entirely in one or the other in order to stay focused and do my best. And it's not just getting stuck in English when I'm trying to do Spanish. Often, the best word I can think of in a situation is in Spanish, and I can't explain it in English. Sometimes I'll even forget the English equivalent of a Spanish word- the other day, I was thinking about someone as "exigiente" and I couldn't remember that the translation was "demanding" for the longest while. One time I actually got stuck hearing Spanish, even when people were speaking English, so that everything I heard basically sounded like a string of real Spanish words that, of course, didn't make any grammatical sense at all. And then there are times like this when I struggle to write in Spanish, and when I do, I can't get the false cognates out of my head- I keep trying to turn English words into Spanish words instead of using the actual translation that's somewhere in the back of my head.

And I'm in a knitting mood right now. If I had my way, I'd be watching Amelie up on the top bunk with Chris and knitting up a storm with the lights off (I'm so sick of our fluorescent lighting- for once I'd like to watch a movie with the lights OFF.) I just watched Amelie on Saturday, but it's so much fun I'd like to see it again. Chris hasn't seen it yet so I'm supposed to force him to watch it sometime soon. I love watching movies from my bed- it's so cushy and has a lovely... erm... blanket/comforter (which has acquired a rather interesting nickname here at K), as well as a giant fuzzy body pillow. Perfect for lounging. I'm really going to miss it here, actually, even though I'm glad to be going home for a bit.

Okay, now really, back to my Spanish paper. Aunque no lo quiero escribir, realmente no tengo ninguna otra opción.
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just a quick note while i procrastinate on packing:

i'm coming home tonight and leaving on sunday (not sure if it will be the morning or afternoon, but i'm hoping the latter so i can go to church again!)

if you want to see me or know anyone who does just leave me a comment.

i have my license and the use of my mom's minivan for the break so i can finally drive by myself for the first time! yay!

my roommate (janie) is coming home with me too.

ok, i really should pack. hope to see you all v. soon!

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New boyfriend.
More later- I have SOOOO much homework :(
Love you all!
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New boyfriend? We shall see... ;)
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quote of the day: "you'd be non-conforming too if you looked JUST LIKE ME"

(extra credit: name that video.)

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Just a few quick updates:

1. I had an AMAZING weekend at Chris's house. I got to see his high school play, meet his friends, play laser tag, sleep in a lovely bed, and eat REAL FOOD!!! It was pretty much one of the highlights of this quarter.

2. Lizzy and I broke up after dating for a week and a half. It was mutual. I'm over it.

3. My dad has a girlfriend... Not really sure how I feel about this yet. Rebecca told me that he hasn't told them (my siblings) yet, but that he had her over for dinner when they were there and walked her outside when they were done and she saw them kissing. My sister refers to being sneaky like this as a "Veronica Mars moment." :) Anyway, I'm definitely mad at him for not telling us. I'm not sure if I feel sorry for her or not... I don't know if she knows what she got herself into. I feel kind of bad for having this attitude toward my dad but my mom is such an amazing woman that I think losing her as a wife was one of the worst mistakes he's ever made. I'm also very, very frightened of my father's taste in women. I think he's looking for someone a lot rougher around the edges than my mom ever was. Ah well. I'll post more when I figure this out.

Love you all...
leave me comments :)
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Sometimes college stresses me out so much... and then I'm reminded why I love it so much here.

So for the stress:
I'm taking three classes right now (that's a full load here at K): Spanish 301 (Intro to Hispanic Literature), Chemistry 110 (Intro Chem with a 3.5 hr/wk lab), and a first-year seminar (Creativity: Inspiration and Beyond). K profs are pretty good about not giving a lot of tests- they're usually more interested in students putting a lot of time and thought into their work- but I just had my 2nd and 3rd tests here today. I've had a chem test before, so I pretty much knew what to expect, but I was behind on the assignments and review and that took me basically all night. I also had a Spanish test, which I found out is 30% of my grade in that class, and I didn't really have time to prepare for that at all. I feel like I could have done better with even a couple of hours of studying, but we'll see. I'm glad I usually test well, anyway. Besides tests, I have a ton of other homework, and after attending a presentation on what to do in undergrad to get into med school, I have no idea where to even begin to go about it. For example, I'm supposed to volunteer at least 3-4 hrs/wk at a hospital for more than 6 months, and I'm supposed to find a way to get involved in research. I have absolutely no idea how I would even fit this into my schedule, let alone go about actually trying to make it happen.

And now, for the love:
My friends here are truly amazing. People are so open and honest (well, most people anyway), and I love just talking with them. My best friend here at K is Chris. He lives down the hall from me and we have chem class together. I met him about four and a half weeks ago in the middle of the night when I should have been writing a paper, he missed chem the next day from being too tired, I let him copy my notes over breakfast the next morning, and the rest is history. I'm v. v. excited because he's taking me home with him this weekend! He was involved in theatre in high school so he was planning on going back to see the play this year (Rebel Without a Cause) and about a week or so ago he asked me to come with him. Well of course I said yes and so now I have a great weekend ahead of me after such a crappy week of tests and stuff. He lives about an hour from C-town and I don't know if I'll be back there- I'm thinking probably not- but I might be able to meet someone for coffee or something if you're willing to drive. Just a thought.
So for Halloween I started out in a shadow costume (just wearing all black), and I consider it a huge accomplishment in colorfulness that people actually recognized that I was in costume (even if they didn't recognize the costume itself). Then I pinned socks all over myself so I could be static electricity. After dinner, I came back to my room to find my roommate and a friend trying to help Chris cross-dress. I helped out quite a bit (and found the entire process greatly amusing). We have quite a few inside jokes; one of them is about the Discovery Planet skits on the Canadian comedy show This Hour Has 22 Minutes. (For some clips, go to http://www.cbc.ca/22minutes/video.html and click on any clip titled "Discovery Planet"- start at November 5, 2005 for best results.) Anyway, the female host, Natasha Stilwell, is played by a male actor, so Chris decided that he was Natasha for Halloween, and that I needed to change costumes to be the male host, Jay Ingram (who is, incidentally, played by a male actor as well). So while I am wearing Chris's dress shirt, khakis, felt fedora (which is amazing, by the way), and his roommate's tie, he's wearing a little black (velvet) dress, low heels, giant 80's sunglasses (which make the outfit incredibly more fab), an orange neckscarf, and carrying my purse. All of which looks, as Natasha would say, fantackle.



Okay, now that that's done...
I have a boyfriend. His name is Lizzy. (Odd name for a boy, I know, but whatever.) I'm a little confused right now- we started dating exactly a week ago and I thought this was what I wanted, and now I'm not so sure, but he's incredibly sweet and I don't want to hurt him. And then there's the possibility that this is actually what I want and that I'm just confused at the moment. And I know I should figure this out soon so I don't get in too far and... aggghhh...

Well, anyway, I should probably call it a night. My shift at the library ends in 7 minutes and I need to get some sleep tonight!

Love you guys! Have a day.
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so i tried searching for the name of my hometown on youtube and these are the conclusions i have drawn:

1. having a major music theatre in your hometown is only cool if you actually want to go to a concert there. otherwise (in my case anyway, since i live really close) you get to hear a whole bunch of music you hate and there's not much that drowns it out. and youtube is completely polluted with videos of bands performing there. (and also, my chemical romance is a lot worse than i thought.)

2. it's spelled Kelly CLARKSON, people. sheesh.

3. once a band geek, always a band geek. a lot of the other stuff is videos of old marching band invitationals from, like, 1991.

4. i already knew this, but there are towns in georgia and washington with the same name. so it gets a bit confusing.

in other news, i just bought a tv/dvd/vcr combo, ihome 2 go, microwave, and some other stuff that's not nearly as exciting (or expensive). i go to college in just 3 days! huzzah!
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So I was looking around on youtube and I found some videos of this amazing guy who beatboxes and plays the flute at the same time. (They're best when heard with headphones, because you can pick up the sound of him singing along with himself.) He even created his own remix of the Inspector Gadget theme song (which happens to be extremely catchy.) Now I have this stuck in my head:

And if that wasn't catchy enough, I've got this stuck in my head too. (This situation looks extremely unsafe, by the way. This guy does NOT look like the type of person two young girls should be inviting to sing.)

I'll probably post a 10-song shuffle post later today, but I'll leave you with those for now.
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